Welcome to the mass skating!

Mass Skating takes place six days a week. 

Alexandr Viktorovich Bikhert 

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Citizen Reception Day - Tuesday, 4 p.m.

Mass skating

There are five sessions at the weekends in «Alau»:

  1.  9.00 — 11.00 Entrance Е1
  2. 12.00 — 14.00 Entrance Е2
  3. 15.00 — 17.00 Entrance Е1
  4. 18.00 — 20.00 Entrance Е2
  5. 21.00 — 23.00 Entrance Е1

On weekdays, there is one three-hour session:

  1. 19.00 — 22.00 Entrance Е2

Attention! Weekday skiing is only possible on the big track!

Important! The entrance to the sessions via the ramp on the second floor.
E1 (green) — to the right of the main entrance. E2 — to the left (red).

The ticket office and the entrance to the rink close 30 minutes before the end of the session.

Ticket sales stop as soon as the number of people in one session reaches 1 200 visitors!

In the days of official and public holidays, we work on the weekend schedule. Monday is a day-off.

Prices for weekends and public holidays

I session


Low fare ticket – 300 tg 
Adult ticket – 600 tg

Е1 Entrance

II session


Low fare ticket– 600 tg 
Adult ticket – 1 200 tg

Е2 Entrance

III session


Low fare ticket – 1 000 tg 
Adult ticket – 1 800 tg

Е1 Entrance

IV session


Low fare ticket – 1 000tg 
Adult ticket – 1 800tg

Е2 Entrance

V session


Low fare ticket – 1 000tg 
Adult ticket – 1 800tg

Е1 Entrance

Prices for weekdays

Tuesday - Fridays


Low fare ticket – 600 tg 
Adult ticket – 1 200 tg

Е2 Entrance

The entrance ticket must be purchased in independence will you skate, or simply accompany the child to the rink.

Please be advised, entrance to Mass skating sessions begins 10 minutes before the scheduled time.



  • For children till 7 years, 1st and 2nd group disabled people. (Required to present the relevant document)
  • For children from large families (Required to present the relevant document). Parents have to pay for theirselves to get the entrance ticket
  • For children from orphanage (Required to present the relevant document)



  • For students (Required to present student ID)
  • For school pupils, retired people, 3d group disabled people. (Required to present the relevant document)
  • Skate rental

The rental will be charged separately. On hand, there are figure, hockey, and speed skating skates.

1 000 tenge for 1 session for adults.
500 tenge for 1 session for children.

Rental of auxiliary equipment

Penguin –500 tg / 30 мин., 800 tg / 1 session.
Protection kit – 500 tg for adults/200 tg for children / session. 


Republic of Kazakhstan, Nur-Sultan
47, Kabanbay Batyr ave.
For information call: +7 (7172) 706-722
e-mail: alauastana@mail.ru

Closer than it seems

The “Alau” Ice Palace is located in the center of the Eurasian continent, in the capital of the Republic of Kazakhstan – Nur-Sultan city, Kabanbay batyr, 47.


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