Welcome to the mass skating!

Mass Skating takes place six days a week.

Phone: 706-722. IG: @alauicepalace.


Mass skating Mass
Weekends and holidays - 5 sessions:
Entrance Е1:
9.00 — 11.00,
15.00 — 17.00,
21.00 — 23.00,
Entrance Е2:
12.00 — 14.00,
18.00 — 20.00
Weekdays - 1 session:
Entrance  Е2:
19.00 — 22.00

Monday - technical day




Persons visiting the Center, MUST:

- comply with the order of visits to the Ice Palace;

- pass the shoes in the shoe wardrobe after putting on skates or rollers;

- leave the arena 10 minutes before the end of the session due to a technical break in the work of the Center.

Persons visiting the Center are FORBIDDEN:

- bring and use flammable, explosive, pyrotechnic products, poisonous, odoriferous substances, alcohol, any kind of weapons, stabbing and cutting objects, cigarettes, narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances and precursors;

- bring food and drinks (including alcohol);

- smoke cigarettes and drink alcohol while visiting the Center;

- be on the territory of the Center in alcohol and / or narcotic intoxication;

- be in the ice arena during the pouring of ice;

- be in the ice arena during a technical period;

- eat and drink on ice rink;

- be in the stands;  

- throw garbage away or other objects on ice rink, concrete path, as well as on sites intended for playing table tennis and badminton;

- delay the inventory in case of its non-use;

- go to the ice without skates;

- go to the toilet in skates without protection or rollers

- cause dangerous situations in the arena – by skating against established direction, prohibited to jump and use objects not intended for skating, which can cause damage or injure people;

- take animals into the Center;

- organize professional and / or other training processes.

! For dangerous situations created by persons who arrived at the Center, who caused damage and caused damage to the health of third person, the Administration of the Ice Palace is not responsible.

! The administration and security of the Ice Palace reserve the right to remove those ones who violate these rules from the territory of the Ice Palace at any time, without refund. Also, the Ice Palace administration reserves the right not to sell the tickets them in case of repeated violations.

! The acquisition of an entrance ticket to the Center is a confirmation that the person is acquainted with and accepts the conditions of these Rules, and also has sufficient skills not to inflict harm on himself or third persons in the process of using the Center's services.

! In accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the administration of the Ice Palace is entitled to compensation for the damage in the case of damage to property of the Ice Palace caused by responsible person.


Closer than it seems

The “Alau” Ice Palace is located in the center of the Eurasian continent, in the capital of the Republic of Kazakhstan – Nur-Sultan city, Kabanbay batyr, 47.


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