Welcome to the mass skating!

Mass Skating takes place six days a week.

Phone: 706-722. IG: @alauicepalace.


Mass skating Mass
Weekends and holidays - 5 sessions:
Entrance Е1:
9.00 — 11.00,
15.00 — 17.00,
21.00 — 23.00,
Entrance Е2:
12.00 — 14.00,
18.00 — 20.00
Weekdays - 1 session:
Entrance  Е2:
19.00 — 22.00

Monday - technical day

Summer Sport Center


May 11 - the opening of Summer Sports Center “Alau”.

Please, read the rules of conduct in the Ice Palace "Alau"

On May 11, 2019 Summer sports center of "Alau" Ice Palace will be launched for the fourth time. During this time, the center was able to establish itself as one of the best sports facilities in the capital. Every single human can be engaged in his or her favorite sports.

Full list of activities available to our guests is as follows:

  • ice-skating (hockey court),
  • roller-skating (400-meter track),
  • bouncy castle,
  • table tennis,
  • badminton,


2 sessions are held on weekends and holidays:

  1. 10 a.m. – 3 p.m.
  2. 5 p.m. – 10 p.m.


During the holidays, the center works according to the schedule of the day off.


Important! The entrance to the sessions is through the central reception on the 1st floor.

Skates sharpening will work on Sundays.


Entrance fee:

1120 KZT — full ticket,

560 KZT — discount ticket.

The entrance ticket must be purchased regardless of whether you will ride or accompany a child in the Summer Center.

Free admission:

  • children under 7 years old, disabled people of I and II groups (upon presentation of relevant document);
  • children from large families who have not reached adulthood (upon presentation of relevant document); Parents need to pay full cost of admission.
  • inmates of orphanages (upon presentation of relevant document).

Discount ticket:

  • schoolchildren (upon presentation of relevant document),
  • students (upon presentation of relevant document),
  • pensioners (upon presentation of relevant document),
  • disabled people of III group (upon presentation of relevant document).

Inventory hire is paid separately.   

The cost of inventory hire


Inventory hire



Skates* for children

500 tg/session


Skates* for adults

1000 tg/session


Rollers* for children

500 tg/session


Skates* for adults

1000 tg/session


Badminton racquets (one pair)**

500 tg/2 hours


Tennis racquets (one pair)**

500 tg/2 hours


Bouncy castle (for children from 3 to 10 years)

200 tg/session


Protection kit (helmet, elbow pads, knee pads)

200 tg/session



200 tg/session


«Skater assistant» (penguin / sponge-bob) - 500 tg/h., 800 tg/2 h.

* Hired skates can be exchanged with rollers once and vice versa.

** Hired badminton racquets can be exchanged with table tennis racquets once and vice versa.


In accordance with the rules of the Ice Palace "Alau" you must leave a pledge to receive inventory or the amount of 5000 tenge.

Skate sharpening depending on the complexity: 600/1200 tg.

Closer than it seems

The “Alau” Ice Palace is located in the center of the Eurasian continent, in the capital of the Republic of Kazakhstan – Nur-Sultan city, Kabanbay batyr, 47.


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